Why Seo Hosting?how-seo-hosting-improves-your-search-engine-positions

Our principles are simple:

SEO hosting is one of the hottest topics among search engine optimisers today. You will find many people discussing it on SEO forums and blogs today and there is good reasons why this type of web hosting is gaining popularity – it simply works!

How does SEO hosting improve Search Engine rankings?

Google and other search engines have many ways to detect spam and websites of low quality. One easy method for search engines is to give extra ranking boost to websites with unique IPs, ie when only one site is hosted on a specific IP. Reasons behind it are that this is a sign of quality and trust. You are simply serious about your hosting needs with this kind of set-up.

SEO Hosting and Interlinking between Sites

A few years ago, webmasters used to launch multiple websites (10-100+) all hosted on the same server, with the same IP address and C-class for every single website. This was very easy for search engines to detect, and they could easily see it's the same owner behind and usually draw the algorithmic conclusion that it was set-up to manipulate rather than giving value to visitors. If you have many websites in the same category, such as 'travel', it's important to spread out the c-classes and IP's being used. If not, search engines can detect that not many unique websites are giving links to you. For every new c-class IP you get, a new neighborhood is voting for you. By maximising the amount of quality backlinks from unique c-classes, you take the straight road to better rankings. It's usually wise to have the majority of links from the country where your target audience is, but a few links from other countries usually will add up trust and recognition.

Obtaining Links in Competitive Segments

In some of the seriously competitive categories you will notice it's hard to find quality backlinks. Few of the serious websites are likely to give links to a competitor. What's being done in those segments is simply that people create a lot of niche websites within the category. For instance, if you have a travel company you might do a campaign site about 'London attractions', since London is the most popular destination for your travellers. Perhaps you make another site about 'budget hotels' and a third website about 'travel diaries'. As long as the content is unique, there is a purpose behind and the users like it – Google has no problems with it. But to maximize you link power from those satellite sites, you better use SEO hosting solutions – giving each website and each link the full value.

Why SEO Hosting?

Read why you should use SEO hosting, how it impacts SEO and how we work to deliver the best results.

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