Why Seo Hosting?seo-hosting-vs-standard-web-hosting

So what is the differences between regular web hosting and SEO hosting, you might ask? Good question, indeed, and we'll be happy to point out the most important similarities and differences below for a webmaster requiring a unique c-class webhosting solution for 50 domains:

Server location?

So what is the difference in regards to server location, when comparing regular hosting packages and SEO hosting packages?

Regular Hosting: If you have 50 domains and want unique C-classes, then you will need 50 web hosting accounts. All of them will probably be hosted on various machines, in various locations.

SEO Hosting: You decide exactly which location and countries you want your IPs to have. Usually, the server is located at one place, and the IPs are from between 1-18 countries (you decide).

IPs and C-classes

A valid question to ask your current hosting provider is how many available c-class IPs they can offer? If the answer is below 50 unique IPs and 20 c-classes, your search engine rankings are likely to be effected negatively considering you have over 50 domains.

Regular Hosting: Usually, a web hosting company cannot offer more than one or a handful of IPs and seldom more than a few C-classes. (but usually only one C-class!)

SEO Hosting: We have over 250 unique c-classes and 64,000 + IPs. For us, it's never a problem to sort out a new C-class. We are experts on SEO based web hosting.

-Price per C-class IP? Regular Hosting: In average, a webmaster tends to pay £8/month per hosting account and you generally only get 1 IP when signing up for 50 various web hosts.

SEO Hosting: You only pay for what you need. For bigger hosting packages you can expect about £.8-.9 per unique C-class IP address, and about £1.0 for smaller SEO hosting packages.


How much work is there involved in setting up 50 websites on various C-classes?

Regular Hosting: This will give you:

  • 50 invoices
  • 50 c-panels
  • 50 CMS set-up
  • 50 support people to email

In short, 50 reasons for a headache.

SEO Hosting:

  • 1 invoice
  • 1 administration interface
  • 1 CMS (or many if you like)
  • 1 point of contact, assisting with 24 hour support

What will you choose? Go to our SEO hosting packages for an overview or simply tell us your requirements in the contact form on the right side of the page.

Why SEO Hosting?

Read why you should use SEO hosting, how it impacts SEO and how we work to deliver the best results.

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