Virtual Private Server Solutions

Linux or Windows based VPS SEO Hosting solutions

SEOhosting offers Linux and Windows based VPS SEO Hosting solutions that are reliable and reasonably priced. We have years of experience in providing Internet related and web hosting services so just tell us what you need and we will customise any server for you!

Some dedicated hosting plans can be expensive and shared web hosting does not always enable a customer to enjoy the benefits that VPS hosting might offer. Our VPS (virtual private server) SEO hosting solution are a combination of the two, providing you with the best of both worlds in a virtualised semi-shared environment.

You may choose to have CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora or a Windows Server pre-installed. All our Linux CentOS servers come with cPanel as well. Our VPSes are hosted on the new Hyper-V platform which provides a simplified, reliable, cost-effective and optimized virtualisation solution.

Unique IP's start as low as $1.35 per month per IP!

Please view all of our different VPS server
packages below:

VPS Standard


Our Standard VPS is designed specifically to meet the demands of a small-medium sized SEO Hosting plan. This server will typically handle 1-100 IPs, depending on the type of sites you will be hosting.

VPS Business


Our Business VPS is a powerful VPS that can run advanced SEO Hosting plans. It can typically handle larger amounts of IPs, 100-500 IPs, depending on the type of sites your will be hosting.

VPS Enterprise


This is the server for those who require that something "extra", our Enterprise VPS has 8GB RAM and 2TB traffic per month. This VPS is very powerful and capable of running almost any amount of IPs.

Our VPS Advantages:

  • Operators maintain full administrative access to their section.
  • Accounts are somewhat isolated from other accounts on the same server.
  • Hardware and network infrastructures are maintained by the hosting provider.
  • They're less expensive than most dedicated server plans.

For additional upgrade pricing or more information on our VPS SEO Hosting solutions just fill in the form to the right and one of our specialists will be in touch shortly!

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