Why SEO Hosting?We have had experience in hosting since 1997.

Why SEO Hosting?

So why should you choose SEO Hosting? Here are 7 major reasons:

1. Serious about Search Engine Rankings?

Discover how and why SEO hosting improves search engine positions.

2. What's the difference between regular hosting and SEO hosting?

Let us explain similarities and differences between SEO hosting and standard hosting.

3. Most European hosting locations:

We have not found any other host offering this wide range of locations.

4. Highest flexibility:

You can customize any SEO Hosting package to fit your needs.

5. Amazing uptime record:

A track record of over 99.9 % uptime.

6. Quick support:

Answers within hours usually, try us!

7. Unbeatable prices:

We believe nobody can beat us on price for European hosting.

What is SEO Hosting?

It has been a well protected Search Engine Optimization (SEO) secret that hosting your domains on unique IP's could result in a big advantage for you in terms of search engine rankings. Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing, determine your ranking partially based on the sites that are linking to you.

Webmasters that run multiple sites usually linked those sites together to improve their backlink count and to help increase their rankings. Unfortunately, search engines caught onto to this trick and implemented technology that can determine if your sites are all hosted on the same server .

SEO Hosting actually takes this a step further and gives you the ability to host all your websites from one server location but on different C-Class IP's. This makes the search engines think that your sites are all different, this then passes along the link juice when linking them together. This can improve your search engine rankings greatly and put you above your competition.

So how can you take advantage of this? Check out our VPS Solutions and our Dedicated Server Solutions You can start seeing your rankings climb so sign up today!

Why SEO Hosting?

Read why you should use SEO hosting, how it impacts SEO and how we work to deliver the best results.

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