SEO Hosting in America

We are an International hosting company with inventory in the US. We offer 19 unique c-classes and over 4,800 IPs to choose from. SEO Hosting is a firm offering both Linux and Windows hosting. We are well known for setting up fast, reliable and advanced SEO hosting packages for the SEO-community and everyone in need of this type of services.

Why American hosting?

Search engines want to show pages in the American search results that loads quickly, or the users might abandon the site and go elsewhere. Therefore, it’s important to have a hosting provider with close proximity to your target audience, preferable located in the same country. With SEO hosting you can combine hosting packages from up to 18 countries.

Example: Let’s say you want American hosting combined with French, Dutch and Irish hosting.

No problem, we can set-up a customized SEO hosting packages that will suit your needs. Having all your hosting services with one provider has never been easier.

Let us provide you with the best SEO hosting packages. Contact us today to discuss your options!

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