Cheapest SEO Hosting

Above: Smart SEO hosting can save you money!

Many SEO Hosting providers claim to be cheap, but only one can be the cheapest. If you are seting up multiple new websites, this can be the optimal hosting solution for you. We are experts in providing multiple c-class IP’s in UK and around Europe – and we belive nobody can match our prices.

What does your SEO Hosting cost?

There are soo many factors to consider in hosting, but if we play it simple, a general SEO hosting package begin at around £100 per month. For that, you get about 50 unique IPs, which can be spread over multiple European countries of your choice.

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SEO Hosting: First provider to offer 50 uk c-class IPs

We are proud to be the first British hosting provider to offer 50 various c-class IPs.

“We see a quick growth in the amount of IP’s customer request”, says Markus Jalmerot, responsible for SEO Hosting.

A trend change in SEO Hosting

6 months ago, there was not many customer asking for multiple c-net IP’s in UK. But now, it totally changed. Especially domainers and SEO company’s building large network’s of websites love our services, along with those requiring SEO hosting in multiple locations, all in one package.

SEO; simplicity and price are the main drivers for customers ordering a SEO hosting package.

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Which is your favorite CMS?

There are soo many Content Management Systems (CMS) to choose from, but every website can only use one. If you want to simplify, it’s might even be better to use the same CMS for multiple websites.

We recommend a 3 step guide in order to choose CMS:

1. What is the purpose of your website?

-For simple and frequently updated website, WordPress is often a good option.
Joomla on the other hand give great flexibility for all kind of websites.
-Finally, Drupal is often the choice for more complex websites.

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2. Any essential functions you must have?

Make sure to determine if there are any required functionality for your job to be done. If you cannot find the functions, choose another CMS.

3. Test a few CMS

In order to completely know what you want and need it’s important to try out a few CMS live. This way, you will quickly find out if you like the interface, functionality and flexibility offered.

After you tried out a few, please come back and tell us about your own favorite content management system.