Small SEO Hosting packages

Are you considering SEO hosting but think our minimum order is to large? Good news, we are currently planning and discussing how to set-up small SEO hosting packages.

SEO Hosting: From 50 to 25 IPs/month?

Currently, or minimum order involve 50 IPs and a VPS server. However, we had a few requests for smaller SEO hosting orders, but have not been able to accept them. Now, we might soon be able to accept even the smallest orders, 25 IPs. If you order is smaller than that, you probably don’t need SEO hosting.

Let us know if you have any suggestions for how a small SEO hosting package should look like..

A Different SEO Web Hosting Company

Some potential customers ask what’s different with our SEO web hosting company, compared to others. I love that question in particular, since I know the answer. And if you want to know why we are the best seo web hosting company, here it comes:

1. Most flexibility

No other SEO web hosting provider can offer so many unique c-classes, in so many countries. Period.

2. SEO Web Hosting Set-up Within 48 hours

We can set-up your seo web hosting package in just 2 days. All domains included and if required, a CMS of your choice such as WordPress or Joomla.

3. Lowest Price per unique C-class

We list our prices as they are, and break down all the costs involved with seo web hosting and present it for you. Each IP is only £1, or lower, depending on your order size. We set you up with the fastest VPS you can imagine, with 1 GB internet connection. For that you have to pay £70 a month. In order to set-up the whole SEO web hosting solution, we charge £350. You get your own seo hosting panel and we do all the job with set-up of the VPS, so you don’t have to.

Any questions about SEO Webhosting? Let us know..

SEO Hosting Denmark expands

Looking for multiple Danish c-class IP’s? We just upgraded and can now offer 5 b-classes and 25 c-classes in our SEO Hosting services for Denmark. Prices is as usual, £1 per IP a month, with a little discount for orders over 300 IP. Additionally, you need a VPS server so we can host your IPs.

Why SEO Hosting in Denmark?

If you are looking to create a serious network of sites, and want to have full power between them, you better use various c-class IPs. For Danish websites, it’s recommended to have a majority of IPs from Denmark. However, other Scandinavian IPs is also working well. So why not combine some Swedish, Norwegian and Danish IPs? Mix and match between our SEO Hosting location just as you like it. Or if you prefer, buy only SEO Hosting for Denmark.

New unique c-class IPs in France

We are proud to announce new c-classes in France. SEO Hosting continue to grow, and now offer even more IPs from multiple hosting providers in France.

SEO Hosting in France

While most of the hosting providers is from Paris, we also have some c-classes in Nice and south of France. We consider to take in even more French hosting companies, since there are many requests about multiple IPs in France currently. Let us know if you have any specific requirements for your French SEO hosting, and we’ll be happy to help you.

New multiple c-classes IPs in Germany

Germany has lately been one of our most popular SEO Hosting locations. Perhaps no surprise if you already know that there is almost 14 million registered .DE domains. So in order to get good ranking in Germany, you are usually required to have some professional hosting solution and proper plan for how to develop your domains.

25 C-classes in Germany

We are at least proud to announce 10 new unique c-class nets in Germany. So if you need a SEO Hosting solution in Germany, we can offer IP addresses from 25

Server location with SEO Hosting

For your convenience, it’s now possible to choose between server locations for SEO Hosting packages in either London (UK), Oslo (Norway) or Stockholm (Sweden). If most of you customers are located in the Scandinavian countries, it could be wise to use either Stockholm or Norway. However, if most of your customers are in UK, I would rather suggest using our London hosting facilities.

Let us know if you have any other requests for SEO hosting server locations..

SEO hosting VS conventional hosting

Question: Today I have my websites spread over 10 web hosting companies and VPS accounts. Why should I change to SEO Hosting? Give me some reasons from giving up my current rather primitive web hosting set-up.

Answer: There are a few important reasons to change provider to SEO Hosting.
-Better search engine rankings: With backlinks from multiple c-classes, your get increased trust and power from search engines.
-Cost efficient: You get a lower cost per IP through our set-up.
-Less hassle: With one provider, you have less issues to handle with. We are the only one you need to contact in order to get answers to your questions, 24 hours a day. Compare that with having multiples providers, explaining similar issues over and over.
-Simple: You can get started in 5 minutes with SEO hosting.
-Maximum flexibility: Choose between IP-addresses from 14 countries – you can mix and match how you like. Further, you can decide hosting set-up in terms of disc space, server location and much more.

How to get started with SEO Hosting?

Question: Can you buy a SEO Hosting package without any knowledge about servers and server administration? With other words, is it as simple as a normal web hosting account or do you need more advanced knowledge to handle this?

Answer: Very good question. The whole business model with SEO Hosting is to make it simple for you. So no specific knowledge is required to get started. We at SEO Hosting handle everything from setting up IP addresses from multiple providers, routing IP adresses, helping you with domain set-up and installing a free content management system of you choice. Hope this was answer to your questions about how to get started with SEO Hosting!?

Why did we set-up SEO Hosting?

After many years in the hosting business, we found a strong need among SEO’s to have exceptionall fast web hosting with multiple IPs.

Said and done, we started in Scandinavia with only a few providers of C-class IP addresses and now cover over 12 European countries and 2000 c-classes. We are pleased by the quick journey and hope you will try us out – because we belive nobody can beat us in European SEO hosting..


The need for speedy SEO hosting

There has been a lot of focus on speedy web hosting this year, and Google is likely to further increase the importance of speedy websites in it’s algorithm. After all, speedy web hosting is what users require. If they don’t get it, they are likely to bounce from your site.

Why do page speed matter?

Google noticed that users often abandon sites with a slow load time, while quick loading websites instead improve the user experience.

By integrating page speed into google’s algorithm, it’s clear that you should consider this factor as an important one.

Interesting to see that Google now list speed as paragraph 3 in their corporate information, while Google’s success with the Chrome brower is another reason why website speed is so important now days.

Therefore, SEO hosting offer the highest possible connection speed availible on ALL our SEO Hosting packages – 1 Gbit. So your websites will without doubt be among the fastest in the industry when choosing SEO hosting.

Tools to measure speed

There are many tools today, helping you to analyse and improve the speed of your website.

Here are a few:
Page Speed Extension
Discover your website speed and find out what can be improved.
Yahoo! YSlow
Another tool for analysing and making your web site performing better.
Firefox users are adviced to try out this powerful plugin.