SEO hosting VS conventional hosting

Question: Today I have my websites spread over 10 web hosting companies and VPS accounts. Why should I change to SEO Hosting? Give me some reasons from giving up my current rather primitive web hosting set-up.

Answer: There are a few important reasons to change provider to SEO Hosting.
-Better search engine rankings: With backlinks from multiple c-classes, your get increased trust and power from search engines.
-Cost efficient: You get a lower cost per IP through our set-up.
-Less hassle: With one provider, you have less issues to handle with. We are the only one you need to contact in order to get answers to your questions, 24 hours a day. Compare that with having multiples providers, explaining similar issues over and over.
-Simple: You can get started in 5 minutes with SEO hosting.
-Maximum flexibility: Choose between IP-addresses from 14 countries – you can mix and match how you like. Further, you can decide hosting set-up in terms of disc space, server location and much more.

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