Social Media’s Impact on SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization, it has recently become important to keep a good social profile, as this can have a positive impact on the investments you have in the various search engines, primarily Google. It is not only SEO reasons that social media have become important for companies but also to be able to get a better contact and proximity to potential customers and existing customers – which is why many companies choose to maintain a high presence among another Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are some of the biggest social networks in which firms may also have a profile. It has, however, can be annoying is the company which has achieved many “likes” on Facebook or “followers” on Twitter, but that does not use this for search engine optimization, but this can be quickly remedied.

It was in an email interview conducted by Search Engine Land in December last year with Google and Bing by journalist Danny Sullivan was able to answer the question that many asked themselves over a long period; Has social media any impact on SEO? The answer he gets from both Google and Bing is that they include and use Retweet in Twitter and “likes” into Facebook to read social cues and what’s popular content. Matt Cutts makes shortly after Danny Sullivan’s interview is also a YouTube video in which he publicly and in plain language confirms what was said in the interview.
The U.S. side SEOmoz is a kind of news site and forum for SEOs around the world during the middle of 2011 made several separate investigations into how much influence that social media has actually been on the actual rankings in Google. The first test was that one of the users urged other users on Twitter to share a link to a non-profit organization that among other things, worked to reduce hunger in Sierra Leone. After that before did not exist at all on the home page of Google when searching for “ending hunger in Sierra Leone” and took only a few hours first place – this, after exactly 522 of them shared the link to the page on Twitter. Many similar tests were made by others on SEOmoz and several interesting results were painted up in which the result was a much better place just because of tweets containing the link. The more number of followers as the tweets page’s URL was, the stronger the effect seemed to have – something that Google also confirmed in the interview. In the interview by Danny Sullivan as told Google also has several interesting points regarding how much influence where and how it was calculated. Among other things, tell Google to use and read the links shared by pages (pages) on Facebook and does not use shared links, some of the current situation is not available.

To build on the information that Google has released publicly through the interview with Search Engine Land and the Youtube video Matt Cutts published so should companies who wish to give an impetus to its website to share them both on Twitter and their Facebook page. By getting such followers on Twitter to retweet tweets containing a link to its site so this may therefore result in a higher position in Google and Bing. Interesting will be to see if Google chooses to give any more information regarding the influence and perhaps it might be that the search engines in the future also will read the personal divisions that are made in Facebook – something that surely would do good.

Your Company’s Lifeline- Incremental Back-up

Being responsible for the enterprise backup may not be the most interesting thing in the IT department. It may end up really bad when something crashes and the backup is blank. Here’s a guide on how to avoid common mistakes.

“Loss of data is a disaster scenario for all businesses and a very costly one as well –
Ramjar Tayefeh, Technology Manager – Crystone AB ”

Backup means much more than implementing a tape robot and schedule backups. The first thing you need to implement is to collect all information about what data and systems to be secured. This should be done very carefully and by more than one person to get different perspectives on what should be backed up.

After the mapping of business systems is the time to categorize. how critical is the recovery time!? The print can surely be down for weeks, while the mail server in nine cases out of 10 sets to big problems if it fails to respond within minutes. All in = more focus on recovery time and less on the backup.

Freedom to choose

Today, companies have big challenges to deal with complex storage infrastructures and to meet the requirements of the data security. For increased availability requirements and storage for it really to be selective in its approach to enterprise backup. Among the smaller companies it is very common with so-called file-level backup, which means that the backup server only retrieves files from the server / computer from certain directories. It can mean much longer up-time after a crash when the operating system and applications must be reinstalled before the restoration of data can begin. There are of course quite a long time and not to forget, the backup must be restored. It takes different lengths of time depending on the amount to be restored. Large amounts of data = long time.

A much better solution to backup as many medium and large companies working with today’s incremental backup. The difference is huge. As previously mentioned, the focus should be more recovery time than the backup. With incremental backup to backup an entire environment that is The operating system, your applications and files. This form of backup results in a much shorter recovery time. In a crash the server / computer you only need to run the restore to get everything back exactly as it was before the crash.

So whether you are a sole trader or a listed company with business-critical data, incremental backup is a good investment. to Present at SES Chicago will be exhibiting at the Search Engine Stratigies (SES) conference in Chicago. We will be taking advantage of the event to present our services to the public and answer any questions that potential clients might have. The conference runs from November 14th through the 18th, 2011 in Chicago, IL.

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