SEO Hosting Denmark expands

Looking for multiple Danish c-class IP’s? We just upgraded and can now offer 5 b-classes and 25 c-classes in our SEO Hosting services for Denmark. Prices is as usual, £1 per IP a month, with a little discount for orders over 300 IP. Additionally, you need a VPS server so we can host your IPs.

Why SEO Hosting in Denmark?

If you are looking to create a serious network of sites, and want to have full power between them, you better use various c-class IPs. For Danish websites, it’s recommended to have a majority of IPs from Denmark. However, other Scandinavian IPs is also working well. So why not combine some Swedish, Norwegian and Danish IPs? Mix and match between our SEO Hosting location just as you like it. Or if you prefer, buy only SEO Hosting for Denmark.