How to change hosting providers?

There are some rumors online that it would be difficult, or even impossible, to change hosting. The question is, should you trust the rumors and not to change hosting companies? You do not want there to be any problems with your site.

You certainly do not need to worry about changing hosting providers. Are you unhappy with your current web host, or have found an offer that is too good to be missed, if so then you should definitely change. However you do need to think about a few things before you initiate the move to change the hosting to be as smooth as possible.

Firstly, you should make a full backup of all the files you have stored on the web site. Log in to the web site and go into the browser and download the files, either manually or via FTP. Also makes a backup on any email you need to keep.

Secondly, you should consider whether the hosting provider you want to which to offers all the services and features you need. It can be about databases, versions of the scripting language and support for certain software.

A third thing you must not forget is to make sure you have your login details to the operator (registrar) with which you registered your domain name. When you change hosting providers, you must redirect your domains to the new web servers or so-called DNS servers. If your registrar is the same as your current web host, you need not worry about this.

Importance of WordPress plugin for related articles

Anyone who has a site with many different pages and blog posts should take advantage of a plugin that makes each post may be linked to other relevant pages on the site. The concept is not new, and at times so nobody is talking about this important web technologies. This does not mean that you do not need to do anything about it because experts are discussing the importance of WordPress plugin for related articles at this time. Read on and see why you should make sure that your website benefits from a plugin related articles.

SEO aspect

Then to put related articles for a blog post or on a standard WordPress page, this will affect the page SEO in several ways. First, it will be easier for people to reach further into the site, then relevant links offered directly related to what they just read. When visitors click further into the site, will lower bounce installment and this is important. Google adds namely noticed a page’s bounce rate so it is not entirely without meaning to try to get people to stay a little longer through related links.

Another important aspect in terms of SEO WordPress plugin for related articles is that this is an easy way to enhance their site internally using the links. For example if you have created a master page for a particular topic, you can give this page internal link power through every post that relates to the main page automatically linked to it.

Ease of use

If you look at it all purely human, it is clear that people can take advantage of to get references to articles related to the topic they just read about. When you are out surfing for information, it’s not always that you find exactly what you’re after. When Google offers what seems similar, maybe you click through to the site, and then of course it is a big chance that you will be interested to read more in the related items offered. This is a plugin that provides a page a higher level of user-friendliness, which is important to remember. Websites are the first and foremost to those who actually read the information!

Recommended plugin

There are a lot of great plugin for related articles and most of these can be adapted to Swedish so you do not get an English title over the links. 2008, so overall Matt Cutts proposed the good plugin and then ranked Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) as one of the very best. Today, many people are using this plugin or Microkid’s Related Posts that are also easy to use. With the latter, you can choose out which items should be listed in a page or post and it is great when you have a blog or other type of site with many different pages. More examples of plugin related articles are Similar Posts and WordPress Related Posts.

Creating backups in WordPress

wordpress_logo1Do not forget to save! This was the phrase that most people who learned computer skills in the early 80s were told. Today it is so common with automatic storage of everything you do on your computer, but then this is a site online so you have to keep an eye on how you can save backups so as not to lose their site if you become a victim of hacking or something else goes wrong. There are two main ways to create backups in WordPress and which of these you should use depends of course on what is most comfortable. Both have their unique advantages and you simply try things out to find what feels easiest and safest for their own projects.

External backup for a WordPress site

If you want to save backups to a WordPress site in an external way to do this via an FTP program and control panel in your own hosting account. From the control panel of the hosting account you get hold of the key database file for the site and in addition to this, you have to save all the site’s pages, which you then can do with a normal FTP program. This type of backup is simple but of course, requires several steps. Some prefer this because it allows full control over the backup without being too time consuming.

External Backup via third parties
Anyone who wants to create automatic backups of their WordPress site will have a program that takes care of this. An example of this is Cobian Backup which allows you to download copies of the site’s pages and database files as often as you want. The program will automatically log in and download the files whenever you set it to do this, and it is a convenient and safe alternative for those who do not have time to manage this manually.

Internal backup in WordPress

It may also create backups using a WordPress plugin. This means that from within their WP application can download the database file and all the pages on a site. An example of this is WP DB backup. This is preferred by many because it is so easy and convenient and also a security system that is integrated with the application, so you do not need to remember a lot of information on the login and password for other programs.

How often should you create a backup?

How often you should create backups of their WP site really depends on two things:
1.How important is site
2.How often are the site ?

If they run their site as a business, it may be that everything stands or falls with the website. In this case, it may not be a mishap mean that you have lost the information from the site. For a side that involves one’s livelihood, one can very well be sure to back up the backup daily. It might be smart to use an internal or external method for automatic back up.

With many updates, so one needs to be understood backups more frequently. However, if you just update their site once a week, then one can not risk losing much in an accident and then may be sufficient to create a backup every two weeks or once a month.

Add a Contact Form 7 to your WordPress blog

When building a website, you have to always think about if visitors will easily be able to contact you for answers to questions or to order a service or product. Today it is very common to use Contact Form 7 for WordPress sites. This is a contact form that can be used in so many different ways and adapted along the type of communication that they want with their visitors. Additionally, there are many benefits for both the operator of the site and for those who visit it when using this form.

A little background

A big reason for that Contact Form 7 has become so popular is that it is a few years old. In doing so, WordPress has managed to get a lot of feedback that made ‚Äč‚Äčthis plugin only gotten better and better. Anyone who needs a contact form to their WordPress site today to take advantage of all updates made. In addition, work continues to refine this plugin so that you can always get a better product that benefits everyone involved.

How it works

Since WordPress version 3.0, you get easy-in plugin from your own WordPress application. This is very smooth. You’re just up the Contact Form 7 among the plugins from the WordPress which is presented and then it takes a few clicks and you have installed this smart contact form on your site. Now you can put it on the pages or blog post so that you think it fits. All you need to do is copy the short code and then add it into the post or page you want to have a form on.

As you download this plugin contact form in your application so you can quickly and you will not have to bother with finding out where it should be inserted. Everything happens automatically and it is smooth and easy.

Benefits for the operator of the site:

As mentioned above, it is very easy to use this plugin contact form and installation is childishly easy to take care of. In addition to design and maintain the buttons and fields in a way that the form can be used in many different ways. You can actually use the Contact Form 7 to the survey if you want to get data from your visitors using queries. When someone filled out your form so you can quickly this information to your email address which is another advantage of using this contact form plugin from WordPress. You do not even spam because the form includes both Capta code and validation process.

Benefits for all site visitors:

For visitors, Contact Form 7 a dream because you can not be sent to a new page to fill out and submit their question or give information. Everything is on the same page and that makes the process go quickly. As the man put her form on any page or post anything so this means that visitors never have to click around and look for it. In this way, we offer you a fast and efficient service that feels professional and attractive.