to Present at InternetWorld in London will be exhibiting, along with its parent company, Crystone, at the 2011 Internet World Trade Show. The SEO hosting company will be taking advantage of the event to present their services to the public and answer any questions that potential clients might have. The trade show runs from May 10 through 12, 2011 in London, England.

The Internet World Trade Show is an annual event based around social media, eCommerce, hosting and connectivity as well as digital marketing of all types. It receives around 12,000 attendees per year, making it one of the best shows to attend for companies that have an internet presence. Top name brands like American Express, Microsoft, Sony and Land Rover participate in the world class show, drawing more onlookers every year. Internet World is the only event of its type in the UK and is the largest internet trade show in Europe.

Each area of the trade show is hosted in a separate zone of the showroom floor, allowing attendees to check out the companies that relate most to their interests. For example, SEO hosting can be found in the hosting section. This makes Internet World unique in trade shows. There are also seminars available to help attendees learn more about specific topics related to using the internet for business. provides flexible hosting services and has several locations available for European SEO hosting, including Germany, UK, Spain, France, Sweden and several others. This allows clients to purchase packages of IPs from different areas, with differing C class IPs and use them to create websites that appear to be completely unrelated. For organic search engine optimization purposes, this can be very useful and is a service that is very much in demand these days.

Crystone is the parent company behind and provides a range of hosting and SEO services, including pay-per-click management, domain name aid, VPS & Dedicated Server SEO hosting. The company also has branches in other areas, such as content creation and offsite SEO, providing a wide range of services to their clients.

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