Does Your Blog have Search Engine Friendly URLs?

With the ever increasing usage of dynamic content management systems (CMS) to power websites, webmasters have been looking for ways to make their URLs look better. We refer to these type of URL’s as “search engine friendly” URLs, but they are also user friendly as well since they give an indication of what the page/post is about. Search engines prefer static URLs to dynamic URLs, but why? The fact is that the way that dynamic URLs are created they can sometimes create nightmares in the area of SEO. Search engines do not like to index dynamic URLs and there are various reasons for this, one of them being the non-standard characters like ?, &, %, =, and such in the URL.

A standard dynamic URL that is produced from PHP, a server-side scripting language, may look like this, This format however is not very user or SE friendly but by using technology like Apache’s mod_rewrite module, your page/post can have a URL that looks more like, This is now quite easy to achieve, especially with blogging platforms such as WordPress.

There are several reason why this should be important for you to implement these SEO friendly URLs:

People Want To Link To A Certain Page On Your Site

SEO Friendly URLs

Sometimes when people may want to link to your website and they will use the URL as the anchor text in that link. For that reason alone you should be using SEO friendly URLs since most likely you have placed your keywords in your SEO friendly URL like below:

Look and Feel of the URLs

SEO Friendly URls

When you have not so nice looking URLs it can cause visitors to be weary of your site as it may throw up red flags in some peoples eyes as it may look like a “bad” site to visit. People may even think “hummm I wonder if I will get a virus if I visit this site?” I can only assume that many people probably feel this way about seeing such “ugly” URLs, so don’t scare away your visitors just change the way you

Copy And Pasting

Copy and Paste URLs

Finally, we have all seen what can happen to URLs that are too long. Someone tries copy and paste the URL but for whatever reason, the URL gets broken during the transmission or formatting process, and it’s basically a dead link. So don’t limit your exposure with URLs that can “break down” and are hard to

So in order to effectively use this technology, you need to make sure that your website has mod_rewrite enabled. If you do not currently have a hosting provider or if you are looking for a new one then you should make sure to find a hosting provider that has experience with blog hosting and that has mod_rewrite and other important features like it enabled by default.

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Why is our SEO hosting bespoke?

We fully belive in customized solutions, also when it comes to SEO hosting.

All hosting clients have their unique needs and requirements. We try to fulfill your needs as much as we can. So far, we have added new countries to our list of locations and they keep coming. Every week there is some new SEO hosting locations added.

But perhaps you want something totally different – such as a new Content Management System (CMS) pre-installed. Not a problem, we can solve that and all other requirements for SEO hosting. But our bespoke hosting solutions do not end there. Any requirements you might have can be added, hopefully..

That’s why we belive our SEO hosting services are the most customizable – and we have been told that are the most flexible hosting provider in the European market, and even worldwide some have argued..

Dedicated SEO Servers

seo friendly servers
So what is a SEO server you might ask? Basically, it’s like any other linux server. The only difference is that we set it up to fullfill needs from search engine optimisers and large scale webmasters.

How is a SEO server configurated?

Most professional web hosting customers require at least 40 GB space, 40 GB bandwidth and what’s make the difference – 50 unique IPs spread out over 25 C-classes or more. However, if you have any other requirements we are happy to assist.

Many of our SEO hosting customers require either WordPress, Joomla or Drupal installed on the SEO server. This way, every new website can be created very quick and easy. You have ftp-access to your SEO server, which we set-up for you, with all firewalls and nessicary security you can think of. We take daily back-up, so you don’t need to worry about lost data. SEO Hosting can also give you custom SEO friendly nameservers (DNS), which is what SEO hosting experts recommend.

SEO Hosting and DNS

At SEO Hosting, we take pride in giving each customers’ website a unique nameserver (DNS). Without it, you are not coming far in terms of search engine rankings.

Why is custom nameservers so important?

When using the same DNS servers for multiple websites, such as, Google and other search engines can easily detect that your websites belong together. It used to work many years ago, but today you are likely to find search engine algorithms giving your links zero value when using identical DNS records. Therefore, we always give our customers unique nameservers (DNS). Welcome to

20 Norwegian c-class IP’s added

Norway is a good hosting location if you are targeting Norway or Scandinavian customers. We are now proud to announce 20 new Norwegian c-class IP’s in our unique SEO hosting services.

You can choose between SEO hosting packages with servers in Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen. What do you want?

As always, you can combine Norwegian hosting with other countries, such as Sweden, UK and Germany.

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