Cheapest SEO hosting package

We often get questions about or ‘smallest SEO hosting package’, which is 50 IPs. So below you can find our basic SEO hosting package in more detail:

-1 VPS for £70 per month
-1 CPU
-512 MB RAM
-50 GB Disc space
-1 TB transfer (with connection speed of 1 Gbit)
-IP-addresses cost £1 per IP per month.

Set-up fee is £350. This includes our multi-hosting platform. We also install new IPs and help you set-up the first 50 domains. We can also pre-install a Content Management System of your choice, such as WordPress.

Therefore, the cost for the first year will be:
VPS: £70×12=840
IPs: £1 x 50 x 12 = 600
One off set-up fee: £350
Total: £1790

15 Swedish c-class IP’s added

swedish seo hosting

Into Swedish hosting? We now added another 15 Swedish c-classes, making it a total of 12 B-classes, 75 C-classes and 1000’s of IPs availible. With our flexible seo hosting packages, you can choose from 1 up to 100’s of IPs, combining it with French, British or other Scandinavian IPs.

Why Swedish SEO Hosting?
One of the big advantages with Swedish hosting is the outstanding reliability, quick support and high speed. Few other countries can match the connectivity in Sweden, where most households have broadband. For your convenience, multiple hosting locations in Sweden can be chosen, such Stockholm hosting, Gothenburg hosting or Malmo hosting.

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Cheapest SEO Hosting

Above: Smart SEO hosting can save you money!

Many SEO Hosting providers claim to be cheap, but only one can be the cheapest. If you are seting up multiple new websites, this can be the optimal hosting solution for you. We are experts in providing multiple c-class IP’s in UK and around Europe – and we belive nobody can match our prices.

What does your SEO Hosting cost?

There are soo many factors to consider in hosting, but if we play it simple, a general SEO hosting package begin at around £100 per month. For that, you get about 50 unique IPs, which can be spread over multiple European countries of your choice.

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