Web Hosting for WordPress

Web Hosting for WordPress

Here we will talk a little more about WordPress, a service we support and that is very functional.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (or CMS, English Content Management System ) aimed at creating blogs (websites regularly updated). Developed in PHP and MySQL under the GPL and modified code, is founder Matt Mullenweg.

WordPress has become one of the most popular CMS blogosphere and the most popular with regard to any other general purpose CMS. The causes of its enormous growth are, among others, its license, its ease of use and its characteristics as content manager.

Another reason to consider about your success and expansion is the huge community of developers and designers, managers generally develop or create plugins and themes for the community. It is used as of August 2011 by 14.7% of all existing sites online.

Features of WordPress

•WordPress is optimized for search engines to index it more easily than other CMS.
•Let it be administered by multiple authors.
•Allows web development with absolutely professional appearance and characteristics.
•Allows comments may be published on the site, deleted or marked as spam.
•Also supports pluggins, management and distribution of links. Additional to this you can sort items and pages in categories, subcategories and labels, among other presentations