Best CMS for SEO purposes?

So which Content Management System (CMS) should you choose in order to make life simple and getting good rankings? It’s not an easy question in fact, but we do hear it all the time.

So here is some advice what to consider when choosing CMS.

Is any particular CMS better for SEO?

Nowdays, it’s very important to have a frequently updated website in order to rank well. I find the following three Content Management Systems to be the easiest to handle, with most useful plugins and most optimal structure for SEO:


With WordPress, SEO is rather simple. It’s one of few CMS not destroying for search engines visiting. However, it’s all about which wordpress themes you have. Some might have a lot of outbound links, hard to make unique, or simply missing a meta description tag. It’s important to choose a theme wisely, and to add a few good plugins to succed in search engines. My favorite WordPress plugins are:

W3 Total Cache
With this plugin, your site gets way quicker! Google love it.

Headspeace 2 SEO
Allow you to configurate meta data for posts, pages, categories and more. Better than All In SEO if you ask me..

Better Related Posts
By having a related post plugin, your visitor find more content on your site, staying longer.

Simple Google Sitemap XML
Perfect when you want to create sitemaps quick and simple.

Yoast Breadcrumbs
Make navigation easier for your users.


Drupal is another amazing CMS, suitable for almost any website, but especially advanced sites. Few other CMS are this flexible and technically advanced. Below are some of the best plugins for Drupal.

XML Sitemap
Simple sitemap that just works.

Similar Terms
This module will find and display similar content for your users.

SEO Checklist
Follow the SEO checklist and get better results in search engines.

SEO Friend
A brilliant SEO plugin for Drupal, showing reports over important SEO factors.

Content Optimizer
Another nice SEO plugin for Drupal, analysing your on-page SEO.


Joomla is our third choice of CMS, suitable for most kinds of websites.

Custom Properties
Customize your website and make it more SEO friendly.

Google Search Component
Adding a search field on your Joomla site have never been easier.

Google Maps
Easily integrate Google maps into Joomla.

So which is your favorite CMS for SEO purposes?
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