How SEO companies can benefit from SEO hosting

seo company using seo hosting

Do you have a SEO company and need more links to your international customers? Continue to read and discover how multiple European c-classes can benefit your business.

In-house websites vs buying links
Most SEO companies buy or trade links in one way or another today. After all, links is what matters most for ranking purposes.

One of the hardest tasks for a SEO company is when a client want his foreign websites to rank. Even if it still works pretty well to send links from the country where you are present today, the results will be even better if you build up websites in the same country as your clients website is.

For instance, your English client has a website in France as well. You don’t have any websites there yourself. By simply adding 10 French C-classes and hiring content writers, you can develop some valuable Internet real estate.

The biggest advantage with SEO hosting is probably that you  control the websites yourself! Buying links can be very costly, compared to own your own sites, while the risk is that the site owner start to do stupid things with his site – such as selling gambling links.

Our smallest SEO hosting package start from 50 IPs a year, and can easily be upgraded. Why not order multiple IPs from 5-10 countries, the price is still the same..

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