Wikileaks using Austrian & German IP’s

logo: wikileaks
Spreading out the IP’s is not only important for SEO companies and people with large networks of websites. Today, we dig into how an organisation such as Wikileaks can benefit from multiple IP’s.

Wikileaks Domain and DNS usage

Earlier this week, was shut down from DNS-provider EveryDNS, probobly by an order from the US government. Still, can currently not be resolved to an IP address. While doing a whois search, we notice the following status of domain name: CLIENT TRANSFER PROHIBITED.

However, the organisation did a quick manover and changed domain name to, the Swiss ccTLD. The domain name is owned by ‘Piratenpartei Schweiz’,
the Swiss Pirate Party.

Wikileaks also decided to change DNS provider from EveryDNS to several SEO and user-friendly dns companies – such as,, and These dns providers are less likely to terminate the services than US-based EveryDNS.

How do Wikileaks use multiple IPs?

Using only US IP’s is a risky bet for Wikileaks. Currently, Wikileaks seems to be using
multiple Austrian IP’s, German IP and one American IP.

However, we expect Wikileaks to be prepared to change c-classes and IPs frequently, for security reasons that is.

Want to know more about Wikileaks?

Check out their new Swiss website, their Twitter and Facebook accounts.